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March 28, 2008


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Richard Yong

It's like books for me too,

I still own books, I've just shed any book that have been 'warehoused' (bought and unused, unread, unreferenced) so although they are luxuries, I use them everyday.

Books are fine, if they end up being used. Being read once every 3 years doesn't count as used and a library would be a better place for a book like that.

The issue with working capital and many household luxuries is that they lie there unused.

I love luxury, but under utilisation is the bane of any economy, personal or on aggregate.


So wouldn't that be like books for other people?


Not sure I quite follow, the idea is to spend on things you use, I use my iPod a heck of a lot and music is a luxury I do keep with me. Definitely not a warehoused item in my household.


why don't you sell your nike ipod?

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